The 2nd Chance Project

Introducing The 2nd Chance Project!

I knew when I started 2nd Chance Candle Co that I wanted to dedicate a special project to stroke and cancer survivors. This is it. My goal is to send this special candle to survivors at no cost to them. We hope it will remind them that they are true warriors and they are not alone in their recovery. 

I personally sponsored the first three 2nd Chance Candles. I chose the recipients via Instagram. As I scrolled through I became enthralled by these survivor's stories. Andrea E. from Washington and Jeri W. from Ohio were the first receivers of this special candle. We thank them and all other survivors for being a part of The 2nd Chance Project.



Q: Why is The 2nd Chance Supporter Candle $85?

A: When you purchase The 2nd Chance Supporter Candle you are essentially purchasing 2 candles. We send you your Supporter Candle and thanks to your purchase we are able to send a 2nd Chance Candle to a stroke/cancer survivor. This price includes the shipping cost for the recipient.

Q: What if I have a cancer/stroke survivor in mind for The 2nd Chance Candle?

A: You may provide us with your survivor's name and shipping address and we will let them know that you have sponsored their candle.


We are always looking for more survivors to gift The 2nd Chance Candle to. If you know of anyone you would like to nominate please email us at


The 2nd Chance Candle Tracker

 # 2nd Chance Supporter: The 2nd Chance Candle Recipient: Recipient Contacted via: 2nd Chance Candle Sent to:
1 Nancy G. Julie G. Instagram TX
2 Martha G. Larry V. Instagram CA
3 Maura U. Lorie W. Chose her recipient MT
4 Marisela B. Jorge C. Instagram FL
5 Erica S. Tawnie The Mermaid Instagram CA
6 Erica S. Duncan C. Instagram PA
7 Adriana U. Will chose her recipient
8 Vicky E. Christa M. Instagram CO
9 Jenny B. Kari B. Chose her recipient CA
10 Lisa C. Adrianne O. Chose her recipient CA
11 Seydi M. Aracely C. Friend TX
12 Natalie G. Maryella Chose her recipient CA
13 Rosie S. Patty C. Chose her recipient CA
14 Amy E. Peggy P. Instagram OR
15 Amy E.
16 Alicia G. Kristy T. Instagram VA
17 Alicia G. Daysi C. Instagram CA
18 Alicia G. Colleen B. Instagram NJ


Lourdes F. Tania H. Personal Friend CA


Lourdes F. Victoria S. Instagram TX
20 Tymiak H. Maddi N. Instagram NJ
21 Lourdes F. Susana L. Instagram


22 Scarlett C. Lesly C. Mother 


23 Freddy G. Mario M.  Stepfather CA
24 Christopher J. Veronica B. Personal Friend TX
25 Sami G., Martha G., Martha G. Jr., Star R., Mario S., Lina G. Erin A. Holiday Donation MD
26 Lina G. Ashley B. Holiday Donation MO
27 Rosie S., Isela C., Nancy G., Steph B. Karen L. Holiday Donation CA
28 Kristi O., Yanci P., Canela Para El Corazon, Tiffany M., Noah C., Scarlett C. Albert R. Holiday Donation CA