About Us

Who are we?

We are Sami and Martha, a mother daughter duo with a passion for a 2nd chance for life. 

Momma Martha was diagnosed with leukemia in January of 2021. She had been experiencing horrible fatigue that we all believed was the aftermath of our hard partying over the holidays. She visited her doctor and received a call the following morning from their office urging her to get to an emergency room as soon as possible. Her hemoglobin levels were dangerously low explaining the fatigue. Upon arrival a COVID test was administered and came out positive. She was asymptomatic and taken to the COVID level where the hospital was understaffed. We believe this was the reason the nurses did not pay attention to the multiple signs of the massive stroke she was about to have. She had three separate incidents where she fell and no one was around to assist her. Her body was already starting to become weak. Since family was not allowed in the hospital we were desperate for answers.   

We quickly had her transferred to City of Hope where after constant back and forth with the hospital administration, they allowed ONE family member to stay with her during her 6 week recovery stay. The only catch...the member could not leave the campus for the entire stay.

I immediately volunteered as my younger sister lives in New York as an air traffic controller, older sister was dealing with all the doctors and was in her 2nd year of law school and my father was caring for his elderly sick mother. 

The road to recovery was going to be a long one and I had no idea what to expect upon arrival. 

Thankfully this cancer specialty hospital had a great team of physical, occupational and speech therapists that helped her through her journey of learning how to walk, talk, and eat again.

I was so grateful that I was able to be there with her while she fought this horrible disease. 

I created 2nd Chance Candle Co as a way for momma and I to continue bonding and for her to have a creative outlet. She has always been so crafty and loved creating whether it be sewing or interior design. 

This event has seriously humbled us and has shown us what the true meaning of life is. Our family’s health is our number one priority.

We encourage anyone who is going through similar events to reach out to us if you would like to share your story. We would also love to hear how you are coping with your journey.