Scent List

Choose from our non-toxic fragrances below:

Apple Harvest a fall favorite scent
Baby Powder a great choice for baby showers
Banana Nut Bread a delicious bakery scent
Black Cherry Merlot a potent cherry scent
Black Raspberry Vanilla a juicy and deep rich scent
Blood Orange a favorite scent to burn at any time of the year
Blueberry Cheesecake a tasty bakery scent
Brown Sugar and Fig a sweet scent with a touch of fig
Cactus Flower a fresh and green scent 
Caramel Apple an appetizing scent reminiscent of a state fair
Caramel Popcorn a sugary and buttery scent
Cashmere Plum a fruity and fun scent
Chocolate Fudge a decadent scent sure to make your mouth water
Coconut Sunset a mesmerizing soft scent
Dapper a beachy woodsy scent
Dragon's Blood a deep licorice-like scent perfect for Halloween
Frankincense & Myrrh a passionate scent infused with essential oils
Fresh Brewed Coffee a rich and powerful scent
Fresh Cut Grass a fresh green scent
Garden Mint a minty fresh scent
Ginger and Spice and everything nice
Green Tea & Lemongrass an energizing scent infused with essential oils
Honeydew Melon a sweet and juicy scent
Morning Sunshine a citrus and energizing scent
Leather a rich and smooth scent
Limoncello a creamy and lemony scent
Love Spell reminiscent of VS's signature scent
Mango & Gardenia a mix of fruity and floral notes
Meadow a floral scent with magnolia and peony notes
Mint Mojito a fresh and juicy scent
Moonflower Nectar a gorgeous sweet and floral scent
Mountain Pine a fresh piney scent
Paloma a grapefruit infused scent
Passionfruit Pineapple a mouthwatering fruity scent
Pineapple Sage a deep sage scent with juicy pineapple
Rose Petals a rich and rosey scent
Sandalwood a light smooth scent
Sea Minerals a salty and beachy scent
Sea Salt & Orchid/Ocean Orchid a beautiful fresh and sweet scent
Sel De Mer a perfect scent for yoga and spa studios
Snickerdoodle a sweet scent perfect for the holidays
"Vaporu" a pepperminty scent infused with essential oils
Vaycay a fruity scent with pineapple, mango and coconut